How to Prepare for Financial Year End | Rayner Essex’s Year End Planning Guide

As the 2023 tax year comes to a close on 5 April 2024, there is still time to review your tax strategies and take advantage of opportunities in the current tax year.

Rayner Essex’s year end planning guide will provide you with advice and strategies on how to prepare for financial year end and make the most of your tax allowances and reliefs, whilst they are still available. The following guide provides insights into quick wins and opportunities that will help you with tax strategies and business planning, as well as personal financial planning required to complete the tax year.

Every tax year brings its own challenges and this year is no exception, although the Autumn Statement 2023 was low on dramatic announcements, there are a number of important changes pre-dating this, which will take effect shortly. These merit consideration as part of a year end review for many people, and include:

  • Further reduction to the capital gains tax annual exempt amount
  • A further cut in Dividend Allowance
  • The introduction of basis period reform for unincorporated businesses

Take time to read this comprehensive guide that also includes the following:

  • Income tax rates and allowances
  • Tax and your family
  • Director-shareholders in family companies
  • Pension planning
  • Savings and investments
  • Capital gains tax rules and changes
  • Using gift aid effectively
  • Year end checklist

Click the link below to download the year end planning guide and review and plan ahead with confidence, maximising deductions and optimising investments.

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