Expert Witness Services

Our expert witness services can enable the resolution of disputes without litigation, or provide highly valuable, informed opinions in court cases. Independent and reliable, the expertise and professionalism our accountants bring to each case provide our clients with confidence even in difficult situations.

What does an expert witness do?

Where there has been a contractual dispute, our accountants act as expert determiners. They meet with both parties to gain an understanding of the case and gather information, and then provide an independent opinion on what they believe is the best solution.

During both civil and criminal court cases involving accounting issues, the judge may require an expert witness to provide information or analysis. This may include valuing a business, preparing accounts, or determining the tax consequences of selling or transferring assets. 

In some cases, each party has their own expert, while in others, a single joint expert is appointed to deal with the whole case. An expert witness produces a full written report in compliance with the relevant legal frameworks, including Family Procedure Rules. Their judgments, though not legally binding, are a highly valued supporting opinion in the cases they work on.

Why choose Rayner Essex for expert witness work?

As a firm, we collaborate with a wide network of law firms and have extensive experience working with all kinds of clients, including large national and international corporate clients, small businesses, partnerships, and private individuals. With over 50 years of experience and a great track record, working with Rayner Essex will ensure that your disputes will be solved as seamlessly as possible. Our personable approach sets us apart with a key focus on building strong relationships to ensure that we can give you the best possible support.

Rayner Essex Partner Darren Hill plays a key role within our expert witness service and the area is a specialism for him. Darren is an associate member of the Academy of Experts and is an accredited specialist member of Resolution, as an advisor on matrimonial financial matters. Both of these nationally recognised organisations require members to meet extremely stringent standards, including significant professional experience and references from previous cases. Our clients can therefore have the utmost confidence in the work Darren does and the service he leads.

What type of clients do we provide expert witness services for?

Rayner Essex work with a wide range of businesses of various sizes and sectors.


Sole traders




Limited companies


Start-up businesses


Small owner-managed businesses


Medium sized businesses, Corporates


Private clients and individuals



Which matters can Rayner Essex help with?

  • Matrimonial disputes and divorce — whilst dealing with these disputes can be difficult, it’s important that all assets and income are distributed fairly. Our expert witness can help draw up an agreement and prepare accounts for distribution. The expert witness can also provide information and analysis if the case were to go to court. During challenging times, having someone who can provide clarity and advice is so important.
  • Corporate and business matters — shareholder and partnership disputes and business valuations can all benefit from an expert witness. Whether it’s breaking down complex issues to help you understand a business situation or advice and analysis to help settle disputes or during a court case. The presence of an expert witness helps settle business disputes quickly and fairly whilst keeping your mind at ease during stressful periods.
  • Contractual disputes — contractual disputes such as a breach of contract or disagreements can be solved by an expert witness. We’ll take the time to understand the situation and provide a fair solution. We can help come to a resolution that works for both parties. If the case is taken to court, we can provide an analysis and information determining any damages.
  • Professional negligence issues — when professional standard of care comes into question, our expert witness can provide advice and gather any relevant evidence to support your case.
  • Deceased estates — whether it’s challenging a will or clarification of deceased estates, an expert witness can provide clarity and support. You may require advice or evidence for a court case, all of which can be understood and provided for by an expert witness.

While it covers many of the kinds of work expert witnesses may undertake, this list is not exhaustive. If you aren’t sure if a matter requires the involvement of an expert witness, or want to know how we can help you, please contact us, or get in touch with our team members directly.

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