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Whether your business is new to cloud accounting or you’re looking to upgrade your existing system, the experts at Rayner Essex can help you get the very best out of this accounting method. We can advise you on the very best software to suit the unique needs of your business.

What is cloud accounting

Cloud accounting is a flexible and agile way of accounting that’s based completely online, meaning that you can securely access the records you need from anywhere. With the growth of remote working in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s set to become more popular than ever, and a number of major apps are leading the cloud accounting market.

Our cloud accounting services offer you excellent value for money while allowing you to get on with running your business unencumbered. We work with some of the most well-known cloud accounting software providers including Xero, QuickBooks and Sage.

What services are included with cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting brings with it a wide range of services that can help you to run your business more smoothly. These include:

  • Advising and supporting you in choosing the very best accounting software
  • Setting you up with the software and demonstrating how to use it
  • System health checks to review your existing processes and systems. These help evaluate how efficient your current setup is, the quality of your data reporting and any shortfalls in what you require of the new system
  • Migration services, allowing you to transfer data from non-cloud accounting software to the new system. This can be either a guided or fully managed service depending on your preferences
  • Advising on any add-on software that will complement your chosen cloud accounting platform. We will research and make recommendations, ensure seamless integration with existing software and offer full training and support
  • Software support at every step, which covers both initial training and guiding you on any changes that may be affected by new legislation (like Brexit or changes to VAT)

What are the unique benefits of cloud accounting services from Rayner Essex?

Many cloud accounting service providers will simply set you up with your chosen software, without ever really ensuring that you’re getting what you need from it. We ensure that all our clients are maximising the capabilities of the software they are using, rather than simply sticking to the basic package. We advise on how to tailor it in order to create a bespoke package that meets the exact needs of your business.

Of course, it might be that you want to keep things basic. So where some firms will only offer one, we offer a range of foundation levels as well as add-ons for some of the most popular platforms including:

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Sage

Our team of expert cloud accounting accountants stay up to date with the latest developments in our foundation software, so whenever new features are released we’ll keep you advised on whether they could be useful for your business.

Other accounting firms might talk about ‘building blocks’ and ‘app stacking’ – choosing the basic software and then adding what you want in order to make it bespoke. But at Rayner Essex, we focus on making the whole system bespoke rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to software. No matter how rapidly the technology advances, this will remain at the heart of what we do.

QuickBooks cloud accounting software

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