Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme How to Claim

HMRC Commence Reviews of Claims for Furlough Scheme

HMRC Review

In relation to furlough claims, HMRC have written to 3,000 businesses who may need to repay some CJRS (Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme) grant monies.  There is an intention for HMRC to contact more businesses in future.

Does this affect you?

It’s possible you may need to review the furlough claims you have made to see if you are liable to repay monies. This can seem complex but it’s worth making sure you are thorough.

How can we help?

The team at Rayner Essex have been supporting many clients with their furlough claims and so we can help review your claims, ensuring the calculations are correct and to give some reassurance to your claims.  HMRC’s letter asks businesses to review their claims and to contact HMRC, with penalties not being applied if errors/overpayments are identified within 90 days of receiving the payment.

As the rules for the CJRS changed for claims in July and there are further changes to the scheme from August, the risk of non-compliance potentially increases and Rayner Essex can help restore confidence in your claims or if there are errors, help manage the disclosure to HMRC on your behalf.  If you want to chat about this then do please contact us and hopefully we can work with you to make your business fighting fit for a post-covid business environment.

For any queries regarding furlough claims please contact any of the team members below

Neil Heyes

Jason Croke

Nicola Scofield

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