Early Stage Business

We know new business owners are very busy. You probably have a million and one things to manage at any given time such as developing strategy, managing cash flow, marketing your brand, hiring staff and developing relationships with your customers. We can help reduce the load.

Cash Flow

We find that managing cash flow is the most common concern for our new business clients. Most people have to transition from having a steady job with regular income, to having to carefully monitor all outgoings (including how much you pay yourself) and chasing payments from customers. Having enough money in the bank to cover your costs is vital, but a lot of companies find this difficult.

We can help with short-term and long-term strategies to improve your cash flow and alternative ways of raising cash and cash flow forecasting.

Tax & VAT

Tax and VAT can be very confusing even for established business but it’s especially daunting for new businesses. Everyone wants to pay less tax but there is always a fear of paying too little resulting in a big bill from HMRC down the line.

We can ensure you are fully compliant and make sure you’re not paying any more tax than you need to. We can prepare and file your quarterly and annual returns on your behalf.

Find out more about our Tax services.


When you start a new company you’re probably not going to know everything about HR and payroll. UK legislation is very complex and constantly changing so having specialist help with your payroll can leave you free to run your business. Find out more about our Payroll service.

Listening and sharing

Sometimes early stage business owners feel somewhat isolated. We work closely with many organisations of different types and this experience means we can offer a willing ear and insightful advice to new business owners.