My unique journey that led to a career in Payroll at Rayner Essex

Why did you choose to get into an accountancy career and specifically into payroll?

For approximately 16 years I thought that I wanted to be a lawyer or a judge as I hate injustice, however I’m not sure if it was fate, but I ended up following my mum’s footsteps and decided to take up a career in Accounting. I attended an Accountancy High School and then a Finance university. I finished my school overseas in Romania, so when I arrived in the UK, my diploma wasn’t recognised at the time, and I had to invest time in training and further education, to gain experience to pursue a career. I completed a practical training course for 6 months in Accountancy and Payroll.

As payroll in the UK is different to the processes and rules overseas, I was fascinated when I first started to process payroll in the UK, and instantly knew that payroll was the career for me.

Name a random fact about you that no one would perhaps know?

I took the craziest decision of my life when I left my job in Romania and moved to the UK without any prior planning and no friends or contacts here, except my husband. But I don’t regret it for one second, as the experience changed my life for the better, in various aspects from lifestyle to career opportunities and further education.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

I enjoy hiking, going out with friends and recently I discovered my spirituality, connecting with universal laws, which whilst sometimes daunting, it’s also very interesting!

What did you do prior to joining Rayner Essex?  

After my training course I had several payroll administration jobs, where I gained knowledge and experience in payroll solutions prior to working as a payroll assistant.

Why did you choose Rayner Essex? Why is it a good fit for you?

I left my previous job when I decided to work for a larger firm, where I could better my career prospects and grow my talents in payroll. I was also looking for a supportive work environment. Rayner Essex is a great fit, as I feel part of a big family, where my opinion counts, and where I am understood and supported personally and professionally.

Whilst the department sometimes works to tight deadlines and can be under pressure while making sure that we pay employees correctly and on time, we also make it a fun environment where we take time to laugh and enjoy team building and social events. This creates a unique work environment where we really connect well with each other as a team.

Rayner Essex has an agile, hybrid working policy which really does suit my lifestyle. Throughout my career journey I’ve been given fundamental support and training, enabling me to excel in my job and achieve new heights in my career. As soon as I joined the firm I achieved the Payroll Technician Diploma qualification with the support of my manager and team. I have since been promoted to Payroll Administrator.

Describe an average day at work and what you like about it?

I chose to work in payroll because the role is really varied and I enjoy handling different types of queries and liaising with clients. The work is always interesting, as you often have to deal with the unexpected, juggling various tasks such as taking phone calls or to responding to queries or recalculating someone’s pay. You require good organisational skills and an eye for detail and accuracy.

The range of services we handle include pensions, payments, manual calculations, statutory payments and so much more. Every day is unique and I never get bored. Keeping up with changing legislation also keeps me on my toes and I never stop learning, as well as the excitement of processing payments on time and meeting client deadlines.

What has been your greatest challenge and what motivates you?  

I believe my greatest challenge was starting from scratch in a foreign country and being able to reach a good level in my career through dedication and hard work. My greatest motivation is always trying to step out of my comfort zone and reach new milestones in all aspects of my life. This has held me in good stead and enabled me to achieve success and keep striving.

What is your greatest achievement?

Not sure about this one but I would say having worked for Rayner Essex for over four years is a great achievement for me. The company has such a family feel, and is accepting of all nationalities, recognising and focusing on your strengths and supporting you in your career journey. This really has been one of the reasons for my success and I am very grateful for the support I have received along the way. Over 40% of our employees have worked here for over five years, which really does reflect on the lovely team, managers and partners that we work with as well as our company culture, and its an enjoyable and rewarding job where you’re trusted to do your best, which really does drive my success and has given me so much self-confidence.

Where to next in your career?

I  would like to progress to the position of Payroll Specialist at Rayner Essex, and I know that I will be supported along my journey.

What would you say to someone who is looking to embark into a similar role in payroll services?

In my opinion you need to feel that this is the right career for you, from the moment you have your first interaction with payroll, because it’s not straightforward. You have to keep up with legislative changes and various HR software platforms, as well as being able to juggle many tasks and master communicating effectively with your peers and clients. You also have to work to tight deadlines, meeting clients’ various payroll deadlines which can be at different times of the month. As a Payroll Administrator you also have the responsible position of handling confidential data, which is a big responsibility, whilst processing payments efficiently for clients. This makes a career in payroll for someone who enjoys the fast pace and multi-tasking very rewarding.

However, if you’re undecided feel free to speak to our payroll services team who can give you more information regarding career prospects within payroll at Rayner Essex.

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