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Daiana Paduraru

Payroll Administrator

I joined Rayner Essex in 2019 after having a couple of jobs in payroll admin. I knew that I wanted to work for a larger company with better career prospects, where I could grow and prove my abilities, and was also looking for a good working environment to work in. I can hand on heart say that I have found this at Rayner Essex.

Within 3 months of joining the company I sat my payroll technician diploma, and then went on to be promoted in 2019 to Payroll Administrator.

I chose to work in payroll because it’s a varied role, with varied tasks, and dealing with various people and clients which I love. You never get bored and each day is different. Work is fast paced and interesting, at any time I may need to disconnect from the task I’m working on to take a phone call or to reply to an urgent email or to recalculate someone’s pay. The work variation is amazing, dealing with pensions, P11D’s, attachment of earnings, manual calculations, maternities, paternities, sickness and much more.

I also like to offer ideas and input to our team projects and really enjoy the interaction, and working with a great team, everyone from my peers, to my managers and partners, they are all so supportive.

I love having the flexibility of working hybrid, and being given the autonomy of handling my own workload. I also equally enjoy the social and teambuilding events held by the payroll department, we really do work well together and at the same time enjoy the fun, working environment, where we can laugh together and help each other when needed. There is real comradery between us, which makes working for Rayner Essex so enjoyable.

Outside of work, I love hiking and socialising with friends, and recently have discovered my spirituality and find Universal Laws really interesting, somewhat daunting but equally amazing!

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