Why becoming an Accountant could be the right career for you?

In this team story we learn more about Rhys Bevan, and his career journey at Rayner Essex, including his typical working day and how he excelled in his role within accounting solutions, gaining promotion three times in a five year period to his current Assistant Manager position, and what has driven his success.

Tell us a little about yourself

I work as an Assistant Manager within Accounting Solutions, London office, at Rayner Essex and have been with the firm for just over five years. I joined Rayner Essex as an unqualified Semi Senior, focused on my study whilst working, soon qualifying as a Senior. I am really grateful for the ongoing support given to me by my managers, partners and team, whilst studying, enabling me to meet many milestones at a comfortable pace. I have gained invaluable knowledge and enhanced my expertise and have gone on to achieve my qualifications, becoming an ACA qualified accountant and being further promoted to Supervisor and most recently to Assistant Manager within the five year period.

Why did you choose an accountancy career?

Both my dad and sister are accountants and as a teenager I had no idea what kind of career path I wanted to take. Following the family footsteps seemed like a good idea, and it has worked out really well for me so far.

What did you do prior to joining Rayner Essex?

I worked at RSM for 4 years after leaving university, before moving to London and Rayner Essex.

Why did you choose Rayner Essex and why is it a good fit for you?

I wanted to move to London and wasn’t able to transfer within my existing firm, so started looking for a new job. I am very grateful to have found Rayner Essex as I’ve had a great opportunity to learn a lot throughout my five years here, and the people here are great and really supportive. Working at Rayner Essex has enabled me to gain a broader knowledge base than I may have received elsewhere, being able to work on corporation tax, corporate finance and with other departments and grow my expertise.

Describe an average day at work

As an Assistant Manager a typical day can vary. I manage a team and organise their workload, and ensure that I am always on hand to help and support them where necessary. The importance of teamwork and having good morale is really important to me, and is something we look to encourage among all our colleagues here at Rayner Essex and forms part of our caring and supportive employee culture.  

I also have regular meetings, with management, partners, directors and clients throughout the week discussing client work in collaboration with my colleagues and meeting team deliverables, as well as having my own work to complete, prioritising and servicing the needs of my own clients.

What is your greatest achievement and what motivates you?

I think getting my ACA qualification and running the London Marathon are equally my greatest achievements so far. Both were extremely difficult in their own ways and took a lot of will power to get through. Just being a better version of myself is the only motivation I need.

Where to next in your career?

Unsure on this one, I would like to be become a Manager once I am able to and then see what doors open for me, when the time is right.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

Playing football or going out to the pub with friends (or both). I have also got into snowboarding in the past couple of years.

What would you say to someone who is looking to embark into a similar role in accounting?

It is very rewarding and becoming a qualified accountant is a great feeling. However the amount of work, both in office and in college, is not easy and requires a certain determined mindset. The exams can be difficult (compared to anything done previously) and you have to juggle your time with doing actual work at the office.

They should also look for a firm that fits their needs, whether it be a training firm that gives extra support during exams – a smaller firm which will provide a more of a hands on approach with clients to improve interpersonal skills, or look for an employer in the industry they want to get into, a field they love and want to grow in.

Rayner Essex has really worked out well for me so far and this is a credit to the people here who are really supporting and knowledgeable. I definitely wouldn’t be in the position I am today without the team around me.

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