Payroll Benefits Part 4: Finalising the reporting of benefits and your obligations to submit P11D(b)form

If you’ve registered for payroll benefits, whilst this may remove the need to complete P11D’s, it doesn’t remove the requirement to complete and submit the P11D(b).

What is form P11D(b)?

The form P11D(b) summarises the total cost of benefits and declares the amount of class 1A National Insurance due on employee benefits for the tax year. P11D(b) submission is still required even if the benefits are payrolled.

You need to calculate the class 1A National Insurance contributions and complete and submit form P11D(b) by 6th July, following the end of the tax year.  As of the 6 April 2023, P11D and P11D(b) form submission must be done online only, with paper originals and amendments being rejected.

The class 1A national insurance is due for payment by 22nd July or 19th July if paying by cheque.

Why do you need to complete it?

Failing to submit your P11D(b) will incur late filing penalties and interest charges. There are two types of penalties that can be applied, for failure to report on or before the payment date, or where  incorrect returns have been submitted on P11D(b), and any appeals can only be made should there be a viable excuse for late submission.

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