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We have a number of solicitor clients from sole practitioners to multi-office practices. We have experience helping our solicitor clients’ deal with the client account regulations and obligations that solicitors are subject to.

Solicitors Regulation Authority Compliance

The SRA’s rules on solicitor’s accounts are constantly changing and we help our clients to ensure they are compliant. We will make sure your account reports are produced according to the SAR handbook and are submitted to the SRA promptly and on time.

Minimising Clients’ Tax

We can help you with completion of tax forms and certificates for beneficiaries and make sure they are benefiting from all possible tax exemptions. Post death deeds of variation and careful planning during administration can reduce tax liabilities. Significant tax can also be saved by ensuring that a Will is properly drafted.

Matrimonial Matters

We help in matrimonial proceedings either as Single Joint expert or supporting one of the parties to the divorce. We can help with:

  • Help with negotiations to achieve a settlement
  • Valuation of business interests and assessing future income earning capacity
  • Evaluating the borrowing capacity of a business
  • Tracing of capital assets
  • Advising on the tax implications of asset transfers
  • Forensic investigations