Statutory Compliance

Are you up to date with the new Companies Act?

The Companies Act 2006 (“the Act”) was aimed at simplifying the administration of companies, in particular the smaller private companies.  However, despite this objective, the Act became the largest Act to be passed through Parliament ever, with 1300 sections.

In 2016 a raft of Anti Money Laundering regulations was added – in particular the new PSC regime (People with Significant Control).

So now more than ever you need advisors who understand how these changes affect your company.

The changes affected all aspects of statutory matters, including the role and duties of directors, the now optional office of the company secretary, Articles of Association, company meetings, accounts and audits, communication with shareholders, company names, share capital and a complete overhaul of the forms to be filed at Companies House.

The Rayner Essex Difference

For advice on the Companies Act, or on specific statutory issues, Rayner Essex stands out from the rest.  From company formation through to fraud protection we can help keep your company technically compliant and secure.

Our areas of expertise span the full range of specialist help and include:

  • On-line company formation and provision of registered office
  • Preparation and maintenance of the PSC register
  • On-line filing of statutory forms
  • Share capital restructuring
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) formation
  • Preparation and filing of company confirmation statements and maintenance of statutory registers
  • Changes to company names accounting year ends and company officers
  • Amending the company constitution (articles of association)
  • Processing of dividend paperwork
  • Re-registration of companies
  • Dissolution of companies no longer required

PROOF – Company hijacking: are you at risk?

By changing a company’s registered office and officers, fraudsters can create a stolen identity, purchase goods and services and sell them on without your knowledge.

At Rayner Essex, we are pro-active in helping to protect our clients against fraud.  Since the Companies House PROOF scheme was launched, we have been registered as an authenticated electronic filing service, offering our clients fuller protection and greater security.

On-line formations

By forming your company on-line, we can normally ensure that it is registered with Companies House within 24 hours.  There’s no need to rely on postal forms – just choose your name and we will do the rest.

On-line statutory filing

Documents that we can file on-line on your behalf through the authenticated electronic filing system include:

  • Confirmation Statements
  • Dormant non-trading accounts (DCA forms)
  • Appointment of new directors or company secretaries
  • Changes to the registered office
  • Changes to the accounting year end
  • Issue of new shares
  • Unaudited abbreviated accounts

As Companies House adds more documents to the list, we add them to our capability.  To find out how online filing could save you time and money, contact us today.

Limited Liability Partnerships

More and more businesses are opting to convert to LLP status, taking advantage of the combined benefits of a partnership and a limited company.  From filing and registration to upgrading your company documentation, we can help you to make the move simply and smoothly – just give us a call.

Share Capital

Restructuring share capital and creating multiple classes of shares can often be a lengthy and complex task, involving careful examination of the company constitution and structures.  We can take this burden from you.  The result?  Job done and documented – leaving you free to focus on your business.

To arrange a free no-obligations meeting with one of our partners, please call us on 01727 833222

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