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Spotlight on George Nash from our Accounting Solutions Team

George Nash Accounting Solutions

We caught up with George a semi senior accountant in our St Albans team.

What do you like most about working in the Accounting Solutions department?

The variety of clients within the department means we get to help clients in several lines of work, all with their own interesting elements that always offer opportunities for learning more. The clients all vary in size, so there are always new opportunities to develop skills and learn new areas.

The team working in the department are great and makes the office a lively and fun place to work. There is a fantastic support system, everyone comes together to help each other whether it be technical issues, helping with the workload or just making a cup of coffee.

What drew you to Rayner Essex originally and how has Rayner Essex changed since then?

Coming from a much smaller firm, I had a lot of valuable experience however I wanted to continue to gain new knowledge in a larger practice with exposure to bigger clients with a wider range of services on offer. I knew that Rayner Essex were a highly regarded local firm with good commitment to developing their staff.

What technology could you not be without?

Got to be the mobile phone – people have become so reliant on them and I couldn’t imagine not having one nowadays. Plus I’m always on Spotify!

If you could add anything to the office what would it be?

A bar.

Any favourite line from a movie?

“Are you not entertained?!”

What is on your bucket list?

Would love to travel across the States

Sky dive

Swim with whale sharks


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