LondonSt Albans

Adela Cebotari

How can I help you?

My role as Tax Manager is to ensure the smooth running of the London Tax Department.

I enjoy being part of the Tax team and having the opportunity to interact with clients directly: be it to discuss the entries on their self-assessment tax returns or providing more technical advice.

Tax is perceived to be a dry subject, but I enjoy taking it out of the Tax Acts context and translating it into day to day language, which my clients can then link to their affairs.

In my spare time I am a devoted mum to my 16 and 10 year old boy and girl (they will certainly deny this!) whom I always encourage to strive for best and find happiness in the small things.

I also enjoy getting lost in my “culinary kingdom” to then emerge with a tasty dish or cake, for I have a sweet tooth!

Please contact me for a free discussion on how I might be able to help you and your business.